Bassam Dally

Novel applications

Gaetano Magnotti

Optical diagnostics

Giovanni Vorraro

Application of carbon-free fuels to non-conventional internal combustion engines

Hasan Karim

Challenges of Lean Premixed H2 Combustion in Gas Turbines

Hideaki Kobayashi

Ammonia Combustion – Fundamentals and Some Applications

James W. Turner

Some Aspects of Decarbonizing via the Use of Carbon-Free Fuels

João Andrade de Carvalho Junior

Biomethane in industry

Karl Chatelain

Hydrogen detonations

Mani Sarathy

Carbon Free fuel chemistry

Marcus Aldén

Optical diagnostics for carbon-free combustion

Mohammed Ismail

Fuel cells

Perrine Pepiot

Solid fuel chemistry for carbon-neutral and carbon-free combustion

Thibault Guiberti

Ammonia combustion