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  • Combustion Institute Summer School

    1 to 7 April, 2018

  •         Study engine, flame, and

    fuel fundamentals​

  •          ​Theoretical and practical

    hands-on learning​​​​​

  • ​Advance your career in combustion

    Registration Opens

    1 November, 2017​

  •    ​                  ​                 Open To 

    MS Students, PhD Candidates

    Postdocs and Industry Professionals

​The KAUST Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) will host a Combustion Institute-Summer School (CI-SS) from 1 to 7 April, 2018 to increase the visibility of combustion science to young scientists. In the spirit of KAUST diversity mission, the school will be open to global participants. We also aim to make this the first virtual CI-SS by having live high quality video streaming of lectures for remote participants. The KAUST CI-SS will educate students on how to innovate fuels, flames, and engines to ensure that combustion technologies meet the societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century.  These topics will be taught using a combination of lectures on fundamental combustion science together with practical laboratory sessions demonstrating how theory can be applied.  Instructors will include experts from academia and industry, in order to provide students with a broad understanding of fundamental and applied combustion science.​

Virtual Participation

For the first time ever, the Combustion Institute Summer School will be virtual with online learning activities and live interactive lectures.  

Click here to watch Live now! 

There is no need to register but make sure to follow us on social media to get timely update regarding this. 


Click here to download the Lecture Notes

Class: Flame Fundamentals by Prof. Kaoru Maruta

Class: Flame Fundamentals by Prof. Hong G. Im Part I

Class: Flame Fundamentals by Prof. Hong G. Im Part II

Class: Engine Fundamentals by Dr. Anthony Dean Part I

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee includes Prof. Robert Dibble, Prof. William Roberts, and Prof. Mani Sarathy.  The team has been selected to have a broad overview of expertise in the innovation of fuels, flames, and engines.  Together the team has years of experience in research and teaching fundamental combustion science topics, such as, computational chemistry, chemical kinetics experiments, laser diagnostics, laminar and turbulent flames, numerical simulations, pollutant emissions, gas turbines, automotive engines, and new combustion concepts.​




The KAUST CI-SS will be centered around fundamental knowledge that can be used to innovate fuels, flames, and engines.  This will be achieved by a combination of classroom lectures and practical laboratory experiences.  A career development seminar will be organized on the last working day.  This will include panel speakers from academia and industry in the field of energy and combustion technology.  Social networking activities will include group lunches and dinners and a Red Sea excursion.​