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Speaker Profile

Bengt Johansson

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Clean Combustion Research Center, KAUST


​​Dr. Bengt Johansson is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at KAUST. Previously, he was a Professor of Internal Combustion Engines at Lund University from 2001 and head of the combustion engine group from 2004. He was also director of the Centre of Competence Combustion Processes with a number of international industry partners since 2003. He was chairman of the SAE Engine Combustion Committee 2012-2015 and since 2006 chair for the HCCI fuels collaborative task within the International Energy Agency, IEA.

Professor Johansson’s research area is combustion in internal combustion engines. He has a special interest in low temperature combustion, like homogeneous charge compression ignition, HCCI and partially premixed combustion, PPC. He also has an interest in high efficiency thermodynamics.​

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  • MondayApril 2
1:00 PM

Class: Engine Fundamentals